Swasani Lungs Detox Herbal Formula

Swasani Lungs Detox formula is formulated with pure medicinal herbs extract and scientific evidence-based clinical studies as mentioned in Ayurveda texts that effectively detoxify the respiratory system andimprove the capacity of lung functionality. Good thing is that it’s 100% herbal formulation and made only with the combination of scientifically validated medicinal herbs without having any chemicals, flavored syrup, synthetic preservatives, steroids, or alcohol. Swasani Lungs Detox Formula can be taken by any age group to build lung functionality and to protect lungs from future impacts in viral attack

What is Swasani Lungs Detox Herbal Formula?

Swasani Lungs Detox formula is a combination of two supplements one Swasani Liquid Tonic and another one is Swasani Vegetarian Capsule that helps in the detoxification of the lungs, improve the functioning of the respiratory system, clears the obstructed passage, and wonderful works in all kinds of respiratory-related issues like cough, cold, sinusitis, rhinitis( allergic), throat infections, and asthmatic problem. Swasani Detox Formula decongests the pulmonary system & repairs the damaged lung tissue & helps to enhance the immune system to prevent us from seasonal respiratory challenges.

Swasani Lungs Detox Formula is also beneficial if someone is suffering from breathlessness and chronic bronchitis. It strengthens the lungs by removing toxins and smoking tar and protects from air pollution because pollution is also one of the primary causes of respiratory-related disorders.

What is the importance of Lungs in our Body?

The lungs are a pair of organs in the chest region. They have a spongy texture and are pinkish-gray in color. When a person inhales (breath in), air enters the lungs, and oxygen from the air moves from the lungs to the blood. The most important function of the lungs is to take oxygen from the environment and transfer it to the bloodstream. Taking more than 6 million breaths per year, the lungs affect every aspect of our bodies and health. 


Swasani Lungs Detox Herbal Formula


Swasani Lungs Detox Herbal Formula is made up of various essential medicinal herbs that are particularly made to overcome the symptoms of respiratory diseases and cure it of their root causes.

Swasani Lungs Detox Herbal Formula formulated with 100% pure medicinal & purified herbs. The Key ingredients of Swasani Lungs Detox Herbal Formula:

  • Anantmool (Hemidesmus indicus)

    Anantmool herb work as Tridosha shamaka which means it brings all three doshas into equilibrium. It pacifies Vata dosha due to its sweet taste and has an oily quality, due to its cold potency, it pacifies Pitta dosha, and by its bitter taste, it is very effective to pacify Kapha dosha.

    The herb act as anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants, anti-ulcer, contains a high abundance of H. Indicus, Desinine, Rutin, Hexatriacontance, etc. Due to these compositions, it supports the respiratory organs and expels the toxins from the deep tissues also, provides a clean passage for the exchange of the gases.


    Shirish herb is very effective to cure the symptoms of all the respiratory ailments due to its Shwasahara and Shothahara properties. It works very effectively in treating cough, asthma, chronic cold, flu, allergic rhinitis, allergies, bronchitis, etc.

    Shirish is very effective to balance the tridosha in the body, increases immunity, and treat infections of the bronchioles. It expels phlegm and clears the obstructed channels of the respiratory system.


    Kanthkari is also known as “Indian Nightshade ‘’. It is a very important medicinal herb and is also a member of ‘Dashmool’ (ten roots) of the Ayurveda.

    Kanthkari is mainly used in the management of respiratory problems like cough, tuberculosis, asthma, bronchitis, etc, due to its expectorant property. It also releases excess mucus from the respiratory passages and prevents asthmatic attacks.

    The herb balance Kapha dosha in the body and helps to expel out accumulated mucus in the lungs. It is rich in Disgenin, Solasodine, Solanine, Tomatidenol, Solamargine, etc, and works as an excellent herb in the management of chronic bronchitis, asthma, colds, tonsillitis, hiccough, swelling, breathlessness, headache, chronic fever, etc.


    Bharangi is a very popular herb in the Ayurveda that widely used in treating allergic rhinitis, asthma, breathlessness, fever, chronic cough, and other ailments of the respiratory system.

    Bharangi is rich in Hispidulin, Uncinatone, Pectolinaigenin, etc. Bharangi herb has been investigated for its antihistamine and antipyretic properties. It is used from ancient time to relieve chronic fever, dry cough, congestion in the chest, etc.

    Additionally, it also works wonderfully in the condition of digestion problem, burning sensation, and inflammatory condition.


    Vasa herb is one of the most powerful herbs used in the treatment of seasonal cold, cough, asthma, bronchitis, and excess mucus condition. It balances a tridosha and works wonder in chronic respiratory tract infections, useful in vomiting, cold, cough, rhinitis, etc.

    The herb is rich in Luteolin, Vasicine, Carotene, Tritriacontane, Vasakin, Anisotine, Vasicolone, etc. The abundance of anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties make Vasa herb the ultimate solution to ward off the various infections.

    Also, it has a high abundance of anti-inflammatory, expectorant properties that expel out all the phlegm accumulated in the lungs and clear the obstructed airways.


    In common, it also named as Mulethi and widely used in the respiratory ailments. It loses and thins the mucus that clogs the airways and helps to facilitate its expulsion through coughing to relieve congestion.

    Due to its expectorant and bronchodilator properties, it is very useful in the management of sore throat, bronchitis, cold, cough, asthma, etc. Also, it increases the productions of macrophage and lymphocytes that fight the infections and prevent a person from various seasonal ailments.


    Dalchini has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. The herb is loaded with cinnamaldehyde, which is thought to be responsible for most of the cinnamon’s health benefits. It is loaded with powerful antioxidants, such as polyphenols, anti-inflammatory properties that are highly used to treat nasal congestion, coughing infections, and the common cold.


    Tulsi herb is very well known for its medicinal uses and used for many years. It contains a high level of immunomodulatory properties (helps to modulate the immune system), act as antitussive (suppress the cough center, and reduces the amount of cough), expectorant (expel a high amount of phlegm from the chest), anti-allergic, and anti-inflammatory properties that help to treat various allergic respiratory disorders.

    The incredible healing properties of Tulsi are found mainly from its essential oils and phytonutrients. It is an exceptional antibiotic, fungicidal, germicidal, and disinfectant agent and effectively protects our body from all sorts of viruses, bacteria, fungus, and protozoa. By the properties of tulsi, it destroys all the pathogens and results in curing fever and other ailments.

    It works wonders to cure cough, soothes the throat, reduces the inflammation of the chest, and helps to expectorate the mucus.


    Pippali herb is considered as the most renowned for its effectiveness against various conditions such as coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, chest congestion, etc. It serves as a counter-irritant, eases inflammation and clears the obstruction from the passage.

    Pippali herb not only fights infections by its antibacterial, antiviral properties but also works locally to help thin phlegm and ease chest congestion. It also works wonder to treat chronic fever due to its antipyretic properties. Pippali herb is also said to improve the strength of the lungs, detoxify the lungs, help to reduce the intensity and frequency of occurrence of asthma attacks and improve overall health in general.

    Also, it acts as a decongestant, bronchodilator, and expectorant which makes it the most powerful herb to deal with all the respiratory ailments.


Benefits of Swasani Lungs Detox Formula

Swasani Lungs Detox Herbal Formula is used to care all the respiratory-related diseases, detox lungs, Helps to Remove smoking Tar from the lungs and improves the Lungs functioning, and also get relief from the following conditions:

  • Breathing issues like shortness of breath, wheezing sound breath
  • Detox the lungs and Get Relief in Chest congestion
  • Stubborn cough and In the case of a recurrent common cough & cold
  • Helps to remove smoking tar from the lungs
  • Useful in Inflammation or soreness in the throat
  • Helps in Chronic Asthma, Bronchitis, and rhinitis
  • Swasani Helps in Tuberculosis
  • Remove the toxins from the chest and clear blocked channels of the respiratory tract, etc.

Swasani Lungs Detox Herbal Formula


10 DAYS TRIAL PACK ( 1 Bottle Veg Cap+ 1 Liquid 100ml )


Shipping Extra for 10 Days Trial Pack Includes-1 Bottle of 30 Veg. Cap & 1 Bottle of 100ml Liquid


2 Month Course Actual Price Rs. 1810/-

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